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“Unwind” – Currituck Lighthouse, Corolla, North Carolina

The winding staircase of the Currituck Lighthouse - Corolla, North Carolina (Outer Banks)

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Every time I’ve visited the Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla, North Carolina (Outer Banks), this is the shot I’ve longed to capture. While I managed to take a few interesting photos inside this lighthouse, the overall aesthetic I wanted remained elusive, that is, until my fourth visit on November 24, 2014, when I nailed it.

As is so often the case, it happened and I didn’t even realize it at the time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, thought goes into every shot I take, and I try to only take photos of interesting things and interesting perspectives, but sometimes you just don’t see the thing that makes a photo really come together until later. Yes, indeed, sometimes there are happy accidents. Although, in this particular case, I like to think my tenacity with getting this shot finally paid off. I just love the interplay of curves and angles in this photo, the cast of light across the stairway and up the railing, and the sense of motion that almost unwinds before you.

So, as it turns out, the camera that I thought would capture this photo, my Nikon D7100, is not the camera in front of this frame. Nope, I was carrying two cameras that day, and the camera that captured this photo is my trusty Sony RX100 II, for which my affection grows ever stronger with each use.

See an “action shot” of this photo printed on canvas and hanging in my home.

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